Snow at the Cape, 28th February, 2018, 3.50pm

Plein air, oil on board apprx. 15  x 20 cm

It’s been almost 10 years since the last significant fall of snow this far west, this latest fall rather heavier than the last and extending right down to the shoreline. I was reminded again what a fascinating subject snow is to depict and how difficult it is to paint, the subtle shifts in colour temperature in areas receiving sunlight and those in the shade picking up reflected light and skylight, seem to change with each glance. Drifting powder snow, blown from the fields across the valley in the strong blustery wind would partially obscure the view making for challenging painting conditions.


Monterey Pine Sketch, 23rd January, 2017

Graphite on paper, apprx 10 x 15 cm

The Monterey pine  sketched last November has succumbed to the almost constant battering from high winds of the past few months.  Many northern regions of the UK have been badly affected by a series of Atlantic storm fronts accompanied by high winds.  Unlike the north of the country however, here in the far southwest it seems we have had little respite from gale or near gale force wind conditions this winter. These 200 year old pines are at once blighted by air-borne salt and sculpted by the prevailing winds into graceful interlocking shapes, their ever changing forms marking the passage of time and the ravages of the elements.

Monterey Pine Sketch, 19th November, 2017

Graphite on paper, apprx. 7.5 x 10 cm

A little sketch of one of the Monterey pines in a stand a short walk down towards Kenidjack. Small sketches like this are useful preparation for more intimate studies exploring a given form in the landscape. These more highly finished pencil or ink studies combined with colour studies  are then used to construct elements appearing within larger scale pieces completed in the studio.