Down to the Zawn. 15th May, 2014. 8.45pm

down to zawn-may15-2014-8.45pm

Plein air, oil on board apprx. 24 x 15cm

At long last the persistent westerly winds of the last several days have moderated, and the weather has settled. Heralding the approach of summer the spring flowers carpeting the cliffs and coast paths struggle to banish the russets of winter. At this time of year vibrant yellow flowers of gorse clash with the soft pastels of sea pinks and the deep violets of bluebells,  but like the pine trees,  the gorse  has fallen victim to the heavy winds and burning salt spray. Old growth stands of gorse usually green and heavily laden with yellow blossom from February onwards, are bare, the spiky dark green foliage now a sickly straw-brown; a reminder if one were needed of the harsh conditions  experienced here last winter.