A Taste of Autumn. 30th August, 2014, 3.35pm

incoming tide at the cape 30th august 2014 3.35pm

Plein air, oil on board apprx. 15 x 20cm

After what seems like weeks of still, calm seas, the wind picked up yesterday and, for the moment at least, the sea has regained some interest. Standing at the end of a rocky promontory overlooking Porth Nanven, waiting for the incoming tide to sweep over the rocks below, the evidence of the harshness of life on the edge  is everywhere: the scattered remains of a seagull here, fish vertebrae littered in the rock crevices there. This is the only place close to sea level where part of the Brissons can be seen peeking out from behind Cape Cornwall. Later in the year when the Atlantic storms arrive it will be impossible to paint from this spot.

The Carn Revisited. 19th August 2014, 8.25pm

carn kenidjack revisited 19 august 2014-8.25pm

Plein air, oil on board apprx. 15 x 24cm

I ran out of time – and light! – yesterday evening. This evening, as conditions were almost identical, I took the opportunity to return to the same spot ( a few hundred yards from the ancient megalith ‘The Merry Maidens’ )  to more carefully render the form and colours of the foreground and adjust the colours of the clouds and sky. This is my favorite time of the year on the moors. In the early summer months the landscape is an almost unbroken sea of green, while this year there was hardly any yellow gorse to be seen up here during the spring.