Towards the Brisons, sunset. 23rd November, 3.40pm

towards the brissons-nov 23-2014-3.40pm

Plein air, oil on board apprx. 15 x 20cm

After almost a month, a decent break in the weather.  From the south-facing slopes of Cape Cornwall at this time of year the sun sets almost behind the rocks offshore known as the Brisons. The seabed rises gently here and the incoming Atlantic rollers often break spectacularly over the shoals below at high tide. During the winter storms waves can top the pathway and it’s not unusual for the old dwellings along here some 70 feet above the ocean to sustain damage.  In silhouette the Brisons are often said to resemble a portly man floating face-up in the ocean — often likened to Charles de Gaulle!