Fog, wind and rain at Porth Nanven. 25th February, 2015, 5.00pm


Plein air, oil on board apprx. 24 x 15cm

In between trying to wipe my glasses clear of rainwater every few minutes, or holding my painting gear steady against a buffeting wind with one hand while trying to paint with the other, I had to ask myself why I left the comfort of the studio to battle the elements as I stood on the rocks at Porth Nanven.

The answer came as I was trying to pack away my gear. A slight change in wind direction caused the fog to lift, revealing a deep, resonant blue grey overcast meeting a knife-edge sharp horizon. The contrast against the lighter purple greys, greens and ochres of the ocean was a marvelous sight for just a minute or two before the fog descended again. Lesson learned.

The infinite combinations of colour and atmospheric effects offered by Nature are a never ending source of inspiration and frustration for the painter. Had I remained in the studio and not ventured outside to paint I would have been all the poorer.