Morning and sunset below Wheal Owles, 27th September, 2015

below-wheal-owles-sept-27-2015 11.00am

Plein air, oil on board apprx. 30 x 20cm

below-wheal-owles-sept-27-2015 7.00pm

Plein air, oil on board apprx. 15 x 24cm

Despite a decent off-shore breeze, at low tide this morning the ocean was as calm and still as I ever seen it down here, a condition which held all day and allowed a fine glitter path to form at sundown with the high tide.

The bracken has begun to die off and change from green to russet. In the hour or so before sunrise the Pleiades are visible in the east, while just past equinox the sun has begun its relentless march south along the ocean horizon — all sure signs of the approach of autumn.