Morning at the Cape, 8th April, 2017, 10.30 am

Afternoon at the Cape, 8th April, 2017, 4.00 pm

The first truly spring-like day of the year. As seems typical for this far west coast, there are now plenty of early spring flowers along the pathways — wild garlic, violets, and the first sea pinks, while most of the trees are not yet in in bud, in contrast with the usual situation further east where tree foliage is much further along and fruit trees are in bloom at this time of year. One thing however does seem to be is constant here; a breezy start to the day with the wind gradually increasing in force to a battering, gusty, ‘mistral’. Most of the hour or so it took to finish the ‘afternoon’ version was spent trying to hold my gear steady with one hand while painting with the other.