Sky Colours

Plein air, apprx. 20 x 15cm

A rapidly executed sketch trying to catch some aspect of the sky over the Atlantic just after sunset. During the last week or so of fine weather the skies have been cloudless, presenting an ever-changing parade of colours from sunset through to late dusk.

It’s a challenging discipline to try and match ( guess? ) the colours in the fading light, for as quickly as one determines a colour and then tries to mix an approximation of it on the palette, the colour one is trying to match has already changed when one looks back at the sky moments later. Nonetheless, studies like these coupled with pencil sketches and written notes taken from life prove to be a far more valuable reference when making a painting in the studio than a library of photographs .

Hay Bales at Chywoone

It’s that time of year again, and unlike last year when wet weather rapidly put paid to the prospect of painting the hay bales in the fields, this year we are having a run of fine, sunny weather, so I thought I would get in early with some studies before the bales are taken away or the weather turns.

8th July 2018, 11.00am, plein air, oil on board approx 20 x 15cm

7th July 2018, 9.15pm, plein air, oil on board approx 20 x 15cm