Autumn Light

Two views of the Cape on a gloriously sunny autumn day, that, apart from the colours of the landscape, could have easily been late April or early May.

October 20th 5.00pm, 2018. Plein air, oil on board apprx. 20x15cm


October 20th, 11am, 2018. Plein air, oil on board apprx. 20x15cm


Lights On, September 26th, 2018, 8.15pm

oil on board apprx. 20x15cm

A sketch begun on site and finished indoors using colour notes as a reference.  I’ve been thinking about buying some clip-on led reading lights, but so far all the ones I’ve seen are too cool in colour temperature, which will lead to the final painting being much too warm,  and while specialist led lighting with adjustable colour temperature is available it’s presently far too expensive for my purposes. A bit more research may come up with a compromise that is affordable and practical for outdoor painting at night.

Down Kenidjack

 September 14th, 2018, 7.00pm, plein air, oil on board, apprx. 20 x 15cm

September 15th, 2018, 2.30pm, plein air, oil on board, apprx. 20 x 15cm

The vibrant greens of summer are gradually yielding to the oranges, yellows and russets of autumn as the equinox approaches. The generally very dry weather this summer has had a great impact on the vegetation in the valley forcing a change to autumn colours somewhat earlier than one normally sees here.

The grasses and heather on the coast at Porth Nanven, usually still green and vibrant this time of year, are greyed and desiccated. Damp mists, fogs and brief periods of rain have made little real difference to the soil. The stream that flows from the moorland through this valley and out to sea is the lowest I’ve seen it during the nearly ten years I’ve lived here. It will be interesting to see what autumn and winter brings in terms of rainfall as a new El Niño gets underway in the Pacific.